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Welcome to The OlsenFitness Comeback Workbook!! 

When looking to achieve goals in your physique, health, fitness you should have an educational, sustainable and enjoyable path to follow which would be different for everybody.

The Comeback Workbook gives you the tools you'll need to focus on a number of different areas when working towards your goal. You also recieve support whenver you may need it from Kier throughout the time following the workbook.


Start your comeback today and you'll access the workbook which contains...

  • Progression log for you to enter all of your details as you move through the process including weight, measruements etc
  • Goal Setting Process (helping you stay motivated throughout the course)
  • Training Information
  • Nutritional Information
  • Coaching methods included Kier uses with clients at OlsenFitness to obtain results.
  • Training templates to structure your training (Bespoke training plan can be arranged at an added cost)
  • Meal structure template (Nutritional guidance available throughout) 


The OlsenFitness Comeback Workbook is extremely popular and is the first step in your journey to achieveing your goal. Kier wanted to create a product that could get people working towards their goal who may not be at a point where they want to work 1-1 or in group training at OlsenFitness. If you're ready to make your comeback today contact Kier at OlsenFitness


  • testimonials 1
    I was negative about my self, I would keep putting myself down and finding faults but kier has made me see myself in a much more positive way and I can't believe how much I have changed in both body shape and attitude to my fitness.

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  • Testimonial 2
    Kier is a great ambassador for fitness and healthy living and has been influential in increasing fitness levels and improving technique for Whitchurch Hockey Club

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  • Testimonial 3
    My approach and knowledge towards fitness has completely been turned on it's head and my life has changed as a result

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  • Testimonial 4
    I am fit, healthy and confident, Kier is always with me setting my self new goals to achieve. He is not only my trainer but also now a friend and I would highly recommend him!

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