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about-olsenfitness-cardiff-walesAre you thinking of joining a gym/getting in shape? Have you just signed up to a gym or got yourself a nice new pair of running shoes? Are you a regular at the gym but not seeing the results you want so badly? Well these 3 tips could be just what you need to kick start your transformation in 2017!!

1.    Consistency
Most people start a training programme with bags of motivation and enthusiasm, but when the weeks fly by and excuses creep in that slowly fades away and training comes to a halt. However there are two effective ways you can combat this! To keep motivation high you need to set regular goals and review goals but you also need to keep your training fresh through changing your workouts regularly.

When setting goals don’t just focus on your long term goal (reaching your ideal shape/fitness goal). Set smaller goals along the way, this gives you regular points of achievement/results and trust me when you see results it’s one of the biggest motivators to push you on to your next goal there is! Set smaller performance goals as well as physical goals, such as “I want to reach this weight with my squat by this time” This shifts the emphasis off focusing on your body shape to focusing on the exercises that are going to help change your body shape and by the time you know it you’ve improved a hell of a lot in the gym and your body shape has changed alongside the performance results!!

The second method of keeping motivation high is switching up your gym routine regularly. By this I mean, map out new plans every so often, don’t just follow the same gym routine day after day it will bore you senseless, you wont see the best results you could achieve and your motivation will plummet. But remember, you will never always be motivated. You will need to learn to be disciplined when motivation dips! (More Articles On Motivation Will Follow)

2.    Intensity
When I ask clients if they carry out their gym workouts to the same intensity as their sessions at OlsenFitness require, usually in the early days of their transformation they will say no. However, when they’re sent away with instructions to keep the intensity similar to that they would be hitting during a session with me, their progression become more apparent within weeks! It’s easy to go to the gym and stay in your comfort zone sticking to the same pace on the same exercises week after week. But what doesn’t challenge you will sure as hell not change you. Don’t just turn up and complete your workout. Turn up, kick your workouts ass and go home with a real sense of achievement.

3.    Form (Technique)
Are you lifting weights but not confident that you’re doing it right? Don’t underestimate the importance of technique in exercise. If you’re repeatedly performing a movement incorrectly you can significantly increase the chances of injury. Add heavy loads (weights) into the equation, well, then you’re asking for trouble. Not only is bad form a one way ticket to an injury but it also stunts your progression. If you’re not working muscles correctly how do you expect them to respond? Weighted exercises target specific muscles/muscle groups. Bad form can cause you to work a completely different muscle or more often than not strain the muscle you were trying to improve or damage the body in a more serious way.

So there you have it, keep checking back to the Team OlsenFitness “News” section for more articles on training, nutrition and performance coaching tips and don’t be afraid to send the team an email with any questions, we’ll respond as quickly as possible!!

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    I was negative about my self, I would keep putting myself down and finding faults but kier has made me see myself in a much more positive way and I can't believe how much I have changed in both body shape and attitude to my fitness.

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    Kier is a great ambassador for fitness and healthy living and has been influential in increasing fitness levels and improving technique for Whitchurch Hockey Club

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    My approach and knowledge towards fitness has completely been turned on it's head and my life has changed as a result

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    I am fit, healthy and confident, Kier is always with me setting my self new goals to achieve. He is not only my trainer but also now a friend and I would highly recommend him!

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