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Olsen Fitness, Personal Trainer Cardiff
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 Here at OlsenFitness the main focus is your progression, your results, your transformation!

Team OlsenFitness consists of Founder & Head Personal Trainer/Transformation Coach, Kier Olsen. Along with Personal Trainer, Rhys Cox and a team of health and fitness professionals which OlsenFitness clients are able to call on if needed, such as the team at Agile Therapy. 

The team works together to discuss clients goals/progress and to combine all of the teams knowledge, giving OlsenFitness clients the very best service possible!  They have worked with thousands of clients at achieving their goals including, 1-1 Personal Training sessions, Bootcamps and other classes, Marbella Retreats, Online Training, Fitness sessions for various sports teams, Injury Rehabilitation in conjunction with a top physiotherapist, Performance Coaching both individual and corporate and delivered workshops to organisations/bodies such as Welsh Government.

OlsenFitness focuses on the smart way to train and the smart way to eat, ultimately resulting in a smart and sustainable transformation and way of living. There are no fad diets, no generic training plans, just advanced methods of training and coaching suited to the individual client that has and always will be the focal point of OlsenFitness.


“Our Passion Is Your Transformation!”


  • testimonials 1
    I was negative about my self, I would keep putting myself down and finding faults but kier has made me see myself in a much more positive way and I can't believe how much I have changed in both body shape and attitude to my fitness.

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  • Testimonial 2
    Kier is a great ambassador for fitness and healthy living and has been influential in increasing fitness levels and improving technique for Whitchurch Hockey Club

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  • Testimonial 3
    My approach and knowledge towards fitness has completely been turned on it's head and my life has changed as a result

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  • Testimonial 4
    I am fit, healthy and confident, Kier is always with me setting my self new goals to achieve. He is not only my trainer but also now a friend and I would highly recommend him!

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